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Boarding Bulletin

Community and connections are so important and a real focus for boarding. Girls Grammar have been a presence at Beef Week and it has been wonderful to be involved, seeing our girls proudly represent the school in both their school and show cattle uniforms. At our stand we have been inundated with Girls Grammar old girls popping in to say hello, reminiscing about their time at Girls Grammar. They have been excited to hear about how well we are travelling in boarding and have commented on how lovely it is to see our girls doing so well. At our Beef Week function on Tuesday night it was lovely seeing our current girls serving and interacting with our old girls; some recent graduates and some not so recent. Our boarding prefect from 2019, Erin Goodwin, was there with her family celebrating her Young Commercial Judges ribbon that she won at Beef Week – this is a wonderful achievement competing against over 140 other young judges. She proudly spoke of her time at Girls Grammar, particularly the agriculture program, when interviewed after her win.

In boarding it’s also the small fun things we do that foster fond memories and connections. Dance nights, beach trips, games on the oval and the myriad of other outings all contribute to girls enjoying their time in boarding and help them make connections with their peers. In the decades to come it will be rewarding to see our current boarders celebrating their time at Girls Grammar like our current old girls.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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