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Boarding Bulletin

This week I write this article knowing I am heading off to our Year 11 Leadership Camp later today. I am excited to see our Girls Grammar girls, particularly our boarders, show what a wonderful leadership team they are striving to be in 2022. Leadership camp is such a valuable experience for our girls. It will highlight to us, and more importantly to their peers, those girls who have the necessary attributes to lead Girls Grammar next year. Camp also gives our boarders the chance to sleepover, have fun and bond with their day school counterparts outside of the classroom environment. I believe it is our responsibility as adults/parents to ensure that our girls are well-rounded and confident, as well as doing their best academically. Camp is a great way for our girls to shine in a totally different environment. In boarding, some of our Year 11 girls are running the activities this weekend for the other boarders. They will get to use everything they have learned first hand on their return. These young ladies have volunteered to host these activities which is exciting for them and for our boarding family. Some of the Year 11’s were reticent about going on camp and I hope they feel empowered by doing activities such as caving and rock wall climbing. I look forward to hearing how they met the challenges. Have a great weekend!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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