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Boarding Bulletin

Keeping the balance right is always tricky with boarders; giving them enough to do without burning them out is our goal. Last weekend we had a mini Olympics and pizza evening on Saturday night, we played volleyball in the CAB and we went to Kershaw Gardens for some fresh air on Sunday. One of our girls was singing at the gardens and the other girls and the general public enjoyed the impromptu performance. Some boarders were looking for something more to do on Sunday so they gathered outside the Kollar office and did some low-key art activities. These activities are on top of our regular activities of attending Darumbal Youth group, the Park Run and shopping.

This weekend we are having a themed dance and playing laser tag. We are looking forward to the next few weekends with trips out and about. Some of our boarders are being hosted by families this weekend whilst they compete in a much anticipated netball carnival. Plans are underway to learn how to play lawn bowls this term so we can challenge the St Brendans’ boys to a game or two. They may have had our measure with the touch games on the beach but we plan on winning at lawn bowls.

Hoping you all have a fantastic week ahead.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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