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Boarding Bulletin

Learning is looking entirely different this term. We are required to find appropriate places to study away from distractions, difficult when the rest of our family is also going about their work and activities. You will all need to find what works best for you.

At RGGS all of our girls are expected to be online for Care each morning and to attend every class online as well. The most difficult aspect of remote learning is that we don’t have our teachers and peers pushing us along. At school we aren’t allowed our phones in class or during study time. This helps us keep on track. My suggestion to you is that you keep some of these structures in place at home. Consider putting your phone in another room during the school day. Do a couple or hours (or more if you are a senior student) of study each afternoon or evening and put your phone elsewhere. Don’t call or chat with each other during class times so you can stay focused on what the teachers are saying. The couple of international girls here in boarding who could not return home are still doing two hours of study each day and they have negotiated times that suit them. We are fitting in walks, exercise and dinner between two study sessions.

Year 12 students should be doing a great deal of study every day. This is a trying time for our Senior girls and they will be better prepared than most previous graduating classes with dealing with change and disappointment. Staying on top of their studies will be difficult but we have faith our current Year 12 cohort can rise to the challenge.

Parents can support their daughters by making sure they are not taken away from their studies and that they have a desk or table to work at that is in a room that is well lit and ventilated. Making sure you are getting a good night’s sleep is vital. Turning your phone off overnight will help you with this. Screens are dominating our world at the moment with online learning and downtime spent on social media, watching Netflix and movies. Ensure you are having plenty of time away from your screens. Balance is important. Taking short breaks, staying hydrated and eating well are also going to contribute to your level of success. We still have four weeks of online learning so it is crucial that we develop good habits early on.

Enjoy your learning from home and we look forward to seeing you all back for the second half of the term (hopefully). Remember there is no public holiday for Anzac Day so we will be having classes on Monday.

It sure is quiet around here without you all. Take care and wishing you all the best with your studies.

Ms Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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