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Boarding Bulletin

The Covid pandemic has gone on much longer than any of us anticipated when we first heard of it early last year. It has had far reaching implications, especially for those of us in the boarding environment. The biggest impact has been the inability for our Papua New Guinea girls to go home. We have changed our processes especially around cleaning and sanitisation. Most of these changes have been positive ones and are here to stay. This week we were contacted by Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services offering to vaccinate our girls before they return to their communities next week. Our parents have been grateful for this opportunity and have consented for their daughters to be vaccinated. Thank you to the families who promptly responded to our emails. Many of the girls who didn’t go out on leave for the boarder’s long weekend were vaccinated this (Friday) morning. Those on leave are being vaccinated during the week. For our families who haven’t yet filled out the consent form this still can be done over the weekend. Our international girls were particularly keen to participate as they realise international travel in the future will likely require travellers to be vaccinated. We have been lucky here in Central Queensland with regard to Covid cases and lockdowns unlike our southern counterparts. Hopefully our vaccination push will keep us and our loved ones safe. Have a fabulous long weekend!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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