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Boarding Bulletin

Sending your daughter to Girls Grammar means they get to do lots of fun things on the weekend.

This weekend we head off to Great Keppel Island. This is an outing that we try to do in Term 1 and again in Term 4. It’s a lovely way to finish off the year. These events take a great deal of coordination with transport, booking boat transfers, organising extra supervisors and catering. It is also a great way for girls to be active and helpful with supporting staff on the day. It is lovely to see the girls step up and offer to carry gear, remind their friends to check in with staff, include others in walks, games and swims. The girls help pack and clean up at the end of the day as well. We ask the girls to check in with a staff member every hour. At this check in, staff remind the girls to reapply their sunscreen, eat and keep hydrated. We hope the girls are conscientious and take responsibility for these things as well, including wearing sun safe clothing and hats. It is such a fun day with some girls chilling out in the shade, others going for walks, fishing and swimming. This day out is the start of an exciting week of functions and events.

Our Year 10 girls have been fundraising and organising our fa