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Boarding Bulletin

Welcome back to Girls Grammar boarding. An exciting year lays ahead with over 100 boarders between Year 6 and 12.

Things were done a little differently this year with our new boarders returning last Friday and our continuing boarders arriving steadily over the weekend. It gave our new boarders time to settle in and our staff time to get to know them. We enjoyed pizza on Kollar deck on the first night and were introduced to Gigi, a border collie, who is now part of our community. The girls have already been to the zoo, shopping and have the park run and fun activities close to home planned for the weekend.

Girls are excited to be back amongst their friends after such a long break and it is lovely to see new friendships being formed. Jackson House is looking amazing after a complete refurbishment was undertaken over the break. The girls are enjoying new flooring, blinds, pinboards, shelving, ensemble beds and air conditioning. The boarding house looks fresh and welcoming.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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