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Boarding Bulletin

Teamwork is vital in running a vibrant, safe and cohesive boarding program. Boarding staff work together to make sure girls are supported and able to access all that our school and the Rockhampton community has to offer.

We endeavour to be consistent with our expectations, follow the boarding handbook and school policy whilst guiding girls to be proactive about accessing what they need. This teamwork extends to our day school staff who are supporting the girls with academic, uniform, health, laundry and dietary needs. At Girls Grammar there is transparent communication between all adults who work with the girls. This teamwork is crucial between families and boarding staff. Families who communicate well and follow the school’s policies and handbooks make life in boarding smooth and harmonious. This is particularly the case when it relates to girls, their hosts, and transport arrangements. Our school has policies in place around work and leave arrangements that don’t interfere with study. There are also expectations regarding young drivers to keep our girls safe. We understand that these policies are sometimes different to those families would have at home but we appreciate those who support us with a united message to their daughters. We want girls to approach us to ask for what they want, have a conversation around pros and cons and come to a decision. Sometimes this doesn’t mean the girls get what they asked for, but it is important they understand the reasoning behind such decisions.

Teaching girls to be proactive in organising lunch boxes from the dining hall when they have commitments off site for long periods is also a valuable life skill. Learning that making requests in a timely manner are more likely to be allowed is important. Our boarding house is a busy, fast moving and flexible environment and there are lots of aspects we need to align for our boarding community to continue to be a safe place full of opportunities.

I would like to thank all our families who have been terrific helping us achieve everything we can for their daughters. We will continue to work hard to offer a fulfilling and supportive environment for all our girls.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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