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Boarding Bulletin

Welcome back for Term 2. We are happy to see the girls and have the boarding houses buzzing with activity and laughter.

We welcomed three new boarders, one new boarding supervisor, two new tutors, and our new indigenous liaison officer starts soon. Our boarder parent meeting was supported well by our families and it was great to hear from Mrs Kara Krehlik about our future vision and plans for the school. Mrs Kasey Mitchell, our facilities manager was on hand to answer questions around the laundry and dining room.

We also launched our boarding survey which has been sent out through ABSA (The Australian Boarding Schools Association) of which we are a member. We ask that all our boarders and families respond to this survey so we can see what we can do better.

This weekend the schedule is packed with a netball carnival, show cattle training and the Caves Show. On Monday we are attending the Dawn Service and the Anzac Day March in the city centre. In the boarding house there is a dance party, a pyjama movie night, shopping and the park run to look forward to. Let’s hope the rain heads to our properties this weekend and away from our events. Enjoy your weekend.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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