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Boarding Bulletin

This week we hear from a couple of our boarders who have recently been successful in their chosen cocurricular fields:

Saphron (Queensland Short Course Swimming Championships) - This was my first short course swimming experience at State level. It's different to the long course of 50 metres because you have to time your swimming to accommodate the turns and underwater work. My times have improved and I recorded 100% personal bests even when I swam in the 14yr old girl’s 50m Butterfly and then jumped back in to swim against the open women's class for 50m Butterfly. Swimming at this level is very rewarding after all the hours of training and early mornings; my improvement is seen in the times and ranking.

Clare (Mt Morgan Show) - When at showing you are smiling, laughing, and enjoying the show. I love shows and showing cattle because I get to illustrate to people my knowledge and ability. There is nothing better than being awarded for your hard work and perseverance. I have come a long way in the showing industries from barely placing to winning my judging and paraded class. Showing cattle is all about advertising yourself and your animals with effectivity and accuracy. By remaining calm and controlling my animal I won 1st place in my paraded class. Having an amazing team like the Rockhampton Girls Grammar Show Team you can enjoy every show you go to while learning new information about cattle and the agriculture industry.



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