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Building for the Future: School's National Tree Day, Capital Works and Facility Services Update at Rockhampton Girls Grammar

Capital Works Update

One of our major projects for the year is underway, the Upper Luck Refurbishment, a comprehensive initiative aimed at modernising the school's facilities. This refurbishment will entail the addition of four new general learning areas, two breakout spaces, one meeting room, and two supervisor residences. Additionally, it will encompass an upgrade to bathroom facilities on the lower level. This undertaking signifies a substantial investment in the school's infrastructure.


In addition to the Upper Luck refurbishments, BT Builders will also embark on the construction of an outdoor classroom, strategically positioned near the newly redeveloped Ag Plot. Primarily designed for the agricultural program, this outdoor space will offer versatility for use by any class, fostering experiential learning opportunities amidst nature.


Over the April school holidays, the three-stage storm water project saw the completion of the first phase. Proudly maintaining a 132-year campus, the School is dedicated to upgrading existing infrastructure. This upgrade included the replacement and relining of storm water lines across the campus. A large project undertaken by Nuflow.


With a generous donation from our P&F, the Discovery playground will be removed and replaced with a new state of the art playground. The playground will offer a range of motor skill activities, adventure, sensory and imagination. The project will commence in the June/July holidays with a completion time in the early weeks of Term 3.

New Additions

The school's facilities have recently received significant upgrades to better serve our students. Among these improvements, we've acquired a new commercial 18kg washing machine, essential for efficiently handling the laundry needs of our 100+ boarders. Additionally, new cold Bains have been installed in the student dining room, enhancing the dining experience and ensuring optimal food safety standards.


Schools National Tree Day, celebrated on 26 July, is a cherished community event in which Rockhampton Girls Grammar eagerly participates. Embracing nature is a core value we uphold, fostering the ongoing sustainability of our environment within our community. Join us as we join over 3000 schools nationwide in this important initiative. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be part of this meaningful school community event!

Kasey Mitchell

Facilities and Services Manager



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