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Celebrate National Boarding Week with Us!

Happy National Boarding Week! It is all about us!

It's been an exhilarating week here in boarding, kicked off with a fantastic National Boarding Day launch at the beach alongside our counterparts from other central Queensland boarding schools: St Brendan’s College (SBC), Rockhampton Grammar (RGS), and St Ursula’s College (STU). Our Year 6 – 10 boarders had a blast at the beach indulging in games, team building exercises, dancing, hiking, and splashing around in the water.

Throughout the week, our girls have been treated to various activities including cake indulgence, watching footage of boarders being interviewed by Jess, and engaging in lively Kahoots in Care sessions. They also had the chance to mingle during dinners, encouraging them to find common ground with new friends. Inspirational quotes and positive messages were exchanged among the girls, fostering a supportive atmosphere that we cherish. Jess has skillfully judged the pinboard competition, resulting in some elated and deserving winners.

As the week progresses, our Year 8 and Year 9 boarders are looking forward to separate social events hosted by STU and SBC on different nights. We've also taken time to honour our boarding parents and staff for their invaluable contributions. Not to mention, we celebrated Tilly Lorraway's birthday, a fitting tribute to the heart of our community.

Our Girls Grammar social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook) have been abuzz, proudly showcasing the spirit of our girls and the tight-knit community that is our Girls Grammar Boarding. A heartfelt thank you to Kaitlyn Graham, our Marketing & Events Manager, and Sammy Cobon, Deputy Principal-Students, for their tireless efforts and dedication.

And of course, a special acknowledgment to Jess, our Boarding Prefect, for her exceptional leadership and hard work in ensuring the success of this memorable week. Find out more about Jess here.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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