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Counsellor's Corner: Rockhampton Girls Grammar Wellbeing Club

Updated: May 29

(left to right) Jessica (12), Leah (12), Paris (12) Charlee (12) and first place winner Makenzee (7)

WELLBEING CLUB is available to the Secondary (Years 7-12) on Thursday afternoons during Clubs. It is a time for students to develop skills around social and emotional learning. Using evidence based group interventions, students have the opportunity to develop strong knowledge, strategies and skills around self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making and leadership skills. It is an ideal space for students who would like to become active role-models and leaders, or those who are neurodiverse (i.e. ASD, ADHD), or experiencing anxiety, depression or stress.The Wellbeing club is a great place for students to be able to find their voice, manage their stress, and develop strong strategies to see them through life.

Second place winner McKayla (9) with Jessica (12), Leah (12), Paris (12) and Charlee (12)

Recently the Year 12 students in the class organised a self-care activity they called 'The Cookie Decorating Competition'. The activity was a great hit with the class, with all the students participating and enjoying their delicious treats afterwards.

Third place winner Josephine (7) with Jessica (12), Leah (12), Paris (12) and Charlee (12)

Although many of the cookies were eaten before it was time to judge, we would like to congratulate our first-place winner Makenzee, second place McKayla and third place winner Josephine for not only their wonderful decorating skills, but for their self-restraint.

Tamara Wickham

School Counsellor


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