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Creating Connections and Celebrating Care: RU OK? Day at Rockhampton Girls Grammar

On Thursday, the Girls Grammar community acknowledged RU OK? Day. This year’s theme was “I’m here to hear”. RU OK? Day is the National Day of Action that reminds and encourages Australians to start meaningful conversations and ask each other “are you okay?”.

This day saw the Girls Grammar staff and students participate in many activities aimed at supporting student wellbeing and developing connections. There were some colourful additions to the school uniforms, with the staff and students wearing odd socks to celebrate the day. Additionally, there were lunchtime activities on offer under the CAB, which included, dancing, hand painting, skipping, a handball competition, and a conversation circle initiated by the Year 11 cohort. Whilst Year 3 to Year 12 students enjoyed the vast array of activities in the CAB, Prep to Year 2 students enjoyed a lunchtime picnic. This picnic was followed by different activities such as chalk drawing, hand painting, and icebreaker games that encouraged and explained 'How to be a good friend'.

We also saw the creation of our RU OK? Day banners. This saw the girls trace their hands, and contribute their own speech bubbles with thoughts on the topic 'How to be a good friend' and messages to people on how to ask "R U OK?". The banners have been displayed in the entry corridor to Reception; and will serve as a reminder to the importance of the day.

R U OK? Day has allowed Girls Grammar to showcase its wonderful school community and allows the girls across the whole school to connect in an inclusive, fun way.

Thank you to all that participated and helped out on this day. If you notice someone in your life that may be struggling, remember, every day is the day to ask RU OK?

Sammy Cobon

Deputy Principal - Students



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