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Curriculum Catch-Up

Whilst Term 4 is our shortest term, it is important to realise that it is probably also the busiest. For instance, assessment block is only five weeks away. Of course, for Year 12, there is only this week and next before the external exam preparation week. Our Year 12 students have done a lot of work in progressing to this point, so it is important to continue that momentum and fully prepare. Examinations can be daunting for many students. This is particularly true for External Examinations. The level of required independence, curriculum difficulty, as well as the pure volume of work are all issues to address. In these circumstances it is particularly important to exercise excellent time management. The regular and proper use of forward planning will improve organisational skills considerably. Being fully prepared will also reduce anxious times when examination dates arrive. By prominently displaying visual planners in a study area, positive study habits can be cultivated. Of course, a great many students have use of smart phones. Using the calendars in mobile phones will add to awareness of what needs to be done and when.

An organised study timetable will help to effectively direct study time. The following points will help organisation and encourage success when you study:

1. Have everything ready

2. Begin work immediately

3. Set your goals and plan for them

4. Re-evaluate your timetable at regular intervals

5. Minimise distractions

6. Plan your relaxation activities in advance

7. Plan for social commitments and family responsibilities

8. Stop to sleep at a regular time each night

9. Read for enjoyment

10. Eat and exercise regularly

By consistently maintaining common sense study habits, each girl gives herself the best possible chance of success. With study fatigue likely to be setting in soon, it is important to retain focus and project forward to the end. Always keep in mind your end goal. Whilst the coming weeks will be challenging, the planning and preparation undertaken now will reap rewards into the future.

Remember that you never want to leave with regret of what could have been.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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