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Curriculum Catch-Up - Academic Progress and Planned Pathways

Over the last weeks I have been undertaking individual academic interviews for our Year 12 students. Together we are looking at academic progress and whether their planned pathway is relevant. As our Year 12 girls enter the final term of their school curriculum, we must ensure they are aware of differing options and pathways into their chosen careers. For many, this means applying to university, but for increasing numbers of students, alternate pathways are becoming more relevant and appropriate. It is heartening to see that our students are taking proactive control and have taken the time and effort to research their chosen careers. It is important to note that there is almost always more than one pathway into a career. For example, if a university course is required and a student is not eligible for entry, they could apply for alternate college level qualifications to later transfer into their chosen degree.

Of course, the great unknown at this stage is the impact of external examinations upon their final academic results. Each student has already begun formal preparations for each General subject. We ask that parents of our Year 12 girls take some time over this upcoming break to reinforce the school’s message that external examinations cannot be prepared for in a short time period. Our mantra is “You cannot cram for an external exam.” The hard work must already be happening, and each girl must take control of her learning.

It is important to understand that rewards only come with determination and resilience. These continue to be the dominant factors in our girls finding ultimate success in their endeavours. The habits formed at school will continue through to all facets of life.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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