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Curriculum Catch-Up - End of Year Events

Term 4 is moving along at pace and preparations for our end of year activities are well underway. The Executive team and staff are working on finalising events such as Girls Rock, Year 12 Graduation, Speech Night, Year 6 Graduation, Transition Day and our School Party.

With continued good fortune and good management, we are planning on being able to operate these events on a more open basis than we were able to last year due to COVID restrictions.

Over the coming weeks, you will progressively be receiving information and invitations to relevant occasions. For instance, you should have already received an invitation to Speech Night for Friday 19 November. The 130th Speech Night program will serve as a record of student achievements for this year. As always, it will list Speech Night award winners but also all Colours recipients for the year. We appreciate your understanding about seating restrictions for Speech Night. With growing enrolments, we need to allow sufficient opportunity for all members of the school community to attend. If unallocated seating is still available in the days before Speech Night, we would hope to be able to make that available to those families wishing for more than two guests to attend.

I thought I would take the opportunity to reiterate some of the coming events with particular emphasis on the final week for Year 12.

  • Tuesday 16 November – Boarder Farewell Dinner

  • Wednesday 17 November – Livestreamed Girls Rock performances at Pilbeam Theatre.

  • Thursday 18 November – Year 12 farewell assembly.

  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Graduation in McKeague Hall from 5.30pm.

  • Friday 19 November (morning) – Speech Night Rehearsals for award winners, performers, 2022 prefects and Year 12.

  • Friday 19 November – Year 12 Panama Tossing Ceremony – 12.30pm. School finishes for all students at 12.35pm to enable preparation for Speech Night. Final day for Year 12.

  • Friday 19 November – Speech Night commencing at 6.00pm at the Pilbeam Theatre.

  • Monday 22 November – Prep to Year 4 Swimming Carnival

  • Wednesday 24 November – P-7 Transition Day

  • Thursday 25 November – Year 6 Graduation

  • Friday 26 November – School Party and final day for P-11 students. School concludes at 12.35pm.

On a final note, I wish all our Year 12 students continued luck for remaining external exams. This is the time to reap the rewards for all your hard work.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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