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Curriculum Catch-Up - Speech Night

This week will see a number of significant school events culminating with Speech Night at the Pilbeam Theatre on Friday evening. Our award winners are being recognised for a variety of achievements including performance in sport, citizenship, cultural activities, top of subject, second in year and first in year. Each of our primary school students will be recognised for her achievements in addition to specific awards for sport age champion, cultural best all-rounder, citizenship and first and second in year from Year 4 to 6. Please remember that seating is still available, but the event will be live streamed for those unable to attend.

The announcements of specific prizes will not be made until Speech Night itself, but I would like to congratulate each of the following students who will be receiving awards.

School Speech Night Award Recipients

Year 7

Molly Deller-Smith

Michaela Hamer

Lydia Johnstone

Davena Parker-Clipsham

Alexandra Walker

Catherine Wiltshire

Year 8

Iris Collins

Ella Davison

Bria Goldman

Clare Hills

Taylah Jacobson

Holly Kitchen

Tally Lund

Thaariyah Oczenaschek

Alexis Rogers

Alessandra Williams

Year 9

Kara-Lee Buckton

Charlotte Carroll

Jessica Chapman

Bethany Dey

Harriet Farrell

Maddison Hoffmann

Taya Lauder

Dale Lewis

Carrie Mtize

Matilda Peff

Douceur Sakwa

Kaysha Stewart

Olivia Waardyk

Year 10

Mackenzie Buchanan

Megan Clark

Hannah Cowan

Kelilah Gill

Claudia Heffer

Emilia Heilig

Olivia Hoare

Claudia Johnstone

Armani Kidd

Charlize Mallyon

Hayley Roche

Bridgette Williams

Year 11

Jordan Austin

Emilyanne Bell

Leah Brannigan

Bella Conway

Coco Doblo

Chanelle Ecker

Andie Lang

Ashley Mott

Mia Pienaar

Allysah Rasin

Mirae Ries

Year 12

Brooke Adams

Ally Beck

Emma Clark

Hannah Goodwin

Charlotte Graham

Sarleen Kaur

Amity Lauga

Jessica Leane

Abbie Mallyon

Grier McRae

Sydney Peff

Zara Priddle

Georgia Sherry

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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