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Facilities Update

Capital Works Update

During the April school holidays, the McKeague Science labs sprung a leak and water damage once again left its mark on the northern science lab, prep room, and McKeague Hall. Ambrose builders have been engaged to complete the scope of work to repair the water damage. It is with relief I can report the water damage was significantly reduced due to the automatic shut-off valves installed across the school on all flexi-hoses at the end of last year. The leak was located under the Science room sink, a flexi-hose had a small leak inside cabinetry that was unnoticed due to the school holidays, the flexi-hose then burst which engaged the shut-off valve.

The Transformer upgrade has seen progression with Ergon. A surveyor will be on-site during the school holidays to further the design stage of the required easement to allow for the 500KVA transformer.

An upgrade of our fire panels has begun as a staged approach. Primmer fire panel was upgraded during the April School holidays and CAB will upgrade these school holidays.

New Additions & Improvements

The cleaning department welcomes Raine Newport to our team, please ensure you say hello and welcome Raine to our community.

Additional speakers are being installed across the school to enhance the Emergency Lockdown sound.

Across our Compliance and Workplace Health and Safety space, we have been working tirelessly to upgrade our systems. Belinda Thorburn, our Compliance Administration Officer has implemented Complilearn, our staff learning management system which has streamlined our professional development, policy and procedure compliance, and training records. We have also implemented OnGuard which is our operational procedures platform and asset management for inspections and maintenance of our plant and equipment. Currently, we are still working towards the launch of Complispace for risk management and to streamline the reporting of incidents, hazards, and general request forms.

Catering and Canteen

This month students organised a Papua New Guinean night which saw them work alongside our Chef Kent Reid in the commercial kitchen. The PNG students prepared a wonderful feast for all boarding students to learn and embrace their culture. Students enjoyed Hamper, Vermicelli Chicken, Coconut and saffron Rice, Fried Scorn (scone), and Coconut Chicken Parcels. The PNG students then educated the boarding students on each plate. I was privileged to share in this meal and can attest it was a wonderful night of culture with scrumptious food.

Please visit our website or Quickcliq to view our canteen menu items and daily buffet lunch offer.


At Girls Grammar, our students are a talented group, equally, we have talented staff to boot. I would like to congratulate Natsuko Howard from our Catering department for being awarded MVP and Best and Fairest player after winning her Basketball Grand final on Saturday evening.

Kasey Mitchell

Facilities and Services Manager


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