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From Hooves to High Notes: Sport, Beef, and Eisteddfod Excursions for Primary!

Beef Week Excursions

The Primary School students all participated in various excursions across Beef Week. We would like to thank the parent volunteers who helped us throughout this time so everyone could go and experience some rural lifestyles and experiences. Without your assistance, we would not have been able to attend this great community event.

Prep and Year 1 loved their time at Beef 2024 on Tuesday! Seeing the contrasting huge Brahman cows and the tiny calves was a highlight, as was the fun and interactive Magic and Circus show in the Kids Zone. We also visited the Girls Grammar Stall and were lucky enough to receive one of the very special yellow pinwheels.

Our Year 2 and 3 girls had a blast at Beef Week on Thursday! They were spellbound by the Magic show and captivated by the Feathered Friends talk. They made a pit stop at the Girls Grammar tent to learn and explore, and made Beef Week badges. The girls are already counting down the days until they can return for more animal adventures at the next Beef Week!

On Wednesday, Year 4 had a really engaging day at Beef Week 2024. They met Buddy from the ABC show 'Muster Dogs,' observed cattle judging in the main ring, and participated in Darumbal musicians' performances at the Kids Zone, among other things. The experience sparked interest in future farming, engineering, and technology careers among the children. It was a memorable day filled with learning and discovery. Cowboy hat’s off to our well-behaved team.

Year 5 and Year 6 had an exciting time at Beef Week! From exploring stalls to chatting with locals, they soaked up every moment. Learning about the Beef industry firsthand was a highlight, and they left with a newfound appreciation for our community's agricultural heritage. The stack of goodies from the generous and friendly pavilion stall holders added to the thrill of the day. Thank you to Mrs Hinz, Mrs Wall and Miss Latimer for helping with the excursion.

Primary Interschool Sport

Primary Interschool sport began today with students in Year 5 and Year 6 competing in hockey and netball games against other schools. This is an excellent opportunity for students to try a new sport, improve their own skills or assist others.


Both choirs are also competing next week with Year 4 to 6 choir on Monday afternoon and the Prep to Year 3 choir on Tuesday morning. It can be a daunting experience, especially for students who are performing for the first time. We look forward to the notes from the adjudicator and wish the students, all the best.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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