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Food and Textiles and Hospitality

Fashionable fibres was this term's unit for Food and Textiles. Throughout the term, the girls were taught about the difference between natural and synthetic fibres and were given the opportunity to choose a natural fibre to create a product with longevity. They learnt about the importance of using natural fibres, not only for the sustainability of the textiles industry, but for the Agricultural industry worldwide. There was a plethora of innovative and sustainable uses of natural fibres, including clothing, bed linens, and everyday products such as shopping bags and pencil cases. The girls thoroughly enjoyed this unit. They enjoy the freedom of designing and creating a product which is useful and sustainable, with the added bonus of taking home something they are proud to have made and can use. This subject allows students to forward think through high order thinking and planning skills, and their development of skills with textiles has improved significantly over the year.

Hospitality this term focused on cafe service. The girls engaged in learning how to make barista coffee and creating dessert treats to go along with them. Throughout the term the girls took coffee and cake orders from the Girls Grammar staff, which they made and delivered. As part of their practical assessment they surprised the staff with a brunch; they cooked brownies, mini quiches, sausages rolls, pikelets with jam and cream, and blueberry muffins. The term was a great success, seeing the girls improve their barista skills and growing in confidence ten-fold by the end of the term.