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Getting to Know Our School Community - Su Ung

This week on assembly, we acknowledged, congratulated and thanked one of our much loved boarding supervisors, Su Ung, on her 20 years of service with Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. Su is a wealth of knowledge and experience and we appreciate her dedication to the girls over the years.

Su has shared with us some of her memories of those 20 years:

Twenty years ago, in June, I graduated from CQ University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree. While I was waiting to get an offer of a full-time position in one of the Primary Schools around the Rockhampton area the following year, I decided to apply for a boarding supervisor job here at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. Within a few weeks of working here, I was offered a full-time position in boarding, an apartment to live in the school grounds, and an on call relief teacher for the school during the day. As I was enjoying so much already what I was doing, and after much discussion with my husband (Peter), I decided to take the offer. To this day, I have never been surer that I had made the right decision, and this is where I was meant to be.

During my time here at Rockhampton Girls Grammar, I have made countless beautiful memories by having the privilege to look after many young ladies and to see them grow into incredible women. There is a motto that the girls like to use “RGGS for Life” and it truly is. I am blessed to be still in touch with so many of my past boarders and to be able to follow their adventures, their careers and to see them having families of their own. The friendships we form are truly friendships for life.

I am so glad I have my own Girls Grammar girl (my daughter Paige) attending the school. Paige grew up in this school environment and she loves it here as much as I do. Paige started school in 2014 as a prep student, and this year she is in Year 8.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the school and to my boarding family, my colleagues and especially my wonderful Head of Boarding Ms Stacey McCarthy for giving me the acknowledgement and recognition, and celebrating my service of work here at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. It has been a huge milestone for me. It is a rewarding job when you are a part of helping raise young ladies under your care to become confident, caring, and independent young women. The last twenty years have been a blessing and a privilege and I am looking forward to many more years of making beautiful memories and lasting friendships.

A few of our current boarders have also shared an insight into how Su has positively impacted their life:

A big memory of Mrs Ung is each and every morning she works at 6.35ish; she knocks on our doors and says good morning, then she walks around the dorms reminding us to wake up and go to breakfast until everyone has gone. She never stops and looks after us as if we were her own children. - Gabby

Mrs Ung is always a shoulder to cry on or someone to give you a hug without hesitation as soon as you need it. Even though she makes us vacuum our rooms every single morning, she always wants us to be the best version of ourselves and cares for us more than anything. - Camryn

In year 10, every morning Mrs Ung would go get a morning coffee and she would collect the free chocolates that they gave her and would give them to me. She also once gave me tim tams for vacuuming the hallway ‘correctly’. She is very generous. - Claire

Mrs Ung would always have a chocolate stored in her fridge for me. She is like a second mum to most of us boarding girls, learning all our routines like who to wake up twice, when I make my coffee and all our sporting commitments. I love just having a laugh with her and having a chat whenever needed. - Mackinley

I would like to say that Mrs Ung has really made the dorms feel like home for me over the last three years. I love and care for her as she is an amazing person and role model. - Karla

Kerry Clarke

Personal Assistant to the Principal


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