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Girls Grammar Primary Report: The Benefits of Gross Motor Skills

While the students in Year 1 to Year 6 are enjoying the coolness of the pool, Prep students have their weekly Physical Education lesson with Mr Fuller participating in gross motor skills.

Gross motor skills are essential for everyday movement and physical activity. They involve using large muscle groups to perform activities such as walking, running, jumping, and climbing. These skills are crucial for children's development and can have a significant impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

Developing gross motor skills is essential for children's physical development, as they help build strength, coordination, and balance. In addition to their importance for children, gross motor skills are also vital for older students and adults. Maintaining good gross motor skills can help prevent injuries, improve overall fitness, and support healthy aging. Furthermore, gross motor skills are often linked to academic success and social development, as they can impact a child's ability to focus and engage in classroom activities and play with peers.

At Girls Grammar, these skills are further developed in the units of work throughout the year. The topics included are skipping, ball games, athletics and further stroke correction in the upper years.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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