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Girls Grammar Year 11 Student, Sophie attends JCU Indigenous Winter Camp

At the beginning of the holidays, I travelled to Townsville for a week as I was accepted to participate in this year’s Winter Camp at the James Cook University.

At first, I was extremely overwhelmed as over 300 students from around Australia had submitted an online application and only 90 students were accepted. I feel very privileged to have been chosen for this program for First Nation students.

Participating in this program has given me the opportunity to gain more knowledge around social work, nursing, marine biology, indigenous studies, mathematics, and science.

For the five days, I was placed in the social work group with 12 other students, where we had the chance to learn about how the age from newborns to 18 years old have been affected by social and emotional abuse. We were given the opportunity to take a tour around the learning centre for children that have been mentally abused.

Through completing this program, I have learnt many new things that have helped develop a more intuitive understanding around the human brain and how it can have long term damage and permanent effects on young people’s wellbeing. This interaction also provides opportunities to meet University staff and students and form bonds with other students in the program.

I absolutely loved being apart of this Winter Camp program, from making new friends and learning about different student’s indigenous cultural backgrounds. I would encourage other First Nation students to apply for this Winter Camp program in 2024.


Year 11



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