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Happy Book Week! from Rockhampton Girls Grammar Principal, Kara Krehlik

Happy Book Week! One of the most eagerly anticipated events on a school's calendar. The excitement of seeing students of all ages transform into their favourite characters (and we can’t forget the staff too). From caped superheroes, wizards and magical creatures, princesses to pirates, it is this annual event that transforms every school into a living, breathing storybook. The joy of dressing up for Book Week is a celebration of the power of storytelling and the impact it has on our lives.

This year’s theme “Read, Grow, Inspire” couldn't be more fitting to our school. It represents the journey our youngest students undertake as they embark on their educational path here at Girls Grammar. The theme reminds us that the act of reading isn't just about flipping through pages; it's about growth and inspiration.

“Read” is the beginning of their journey. It's the foundation upon which knowledge, and aspirations are built. The stories our girls read nurtures their interests, fuels their curiosity and enriches their prior knowledge while laying the foundations for future learning.

“Grow” is the next chapter of our students’ journey. Just like characters in a book, our girls are nurtured and as they mature they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through their educational experiences and interactions with teachers and peers, they acquire the tools they need to navigate the complexities of life, to do their best and develop a passion for lifelong learning just as we sing in our School Song.

As a Prep -12 school, “Inspire” is seen on a daily basis as our girls engage across the year levels. As they progress through the year levels, our older students, as big sisters, support, guide, encourage and motivate the younger ones. We see this so often throughout our whole school inter-house events such as the most recent inter-house choir performances, last week’s National Science Week and this week’s inter-house reading challenge.

Book Week brings all these phases together in a vibrant tapestry of imagination and learning. It reminds us that the stories we read are more than just words on a page – they are mirrors reflecting our experiences, windows into new realities, and doorways to endless possibilities.

So, as we celebrate this year’s Book Week, I encourage you to reflect on the stories of your childhood, the books that brought you joy or created special memories with family and think about how they have influenced or inspired you. My reflections take me back to influential picture books such as Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen where my imagination ran wild, shaping my love for the outdoors and nature. Progressing through the years, I have the fondest memories of reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein with my Dad as a Year 3 student, ploughing through all of Roald Dahl’s books, R.L. Stine’s Goosebump series and of course the Babysitter’s Club and Taronga by Victor Kelleher. As an adolescent I devoured the Tomorrow, When the War Began series by John Marsden and remember eagerly awaiting the release of each of the seven books in the series. Reflecting and writing this list has brought a smile to my face and reminds me how powerful the imagination is, and the influence stories have in shaping who we become. It’s also served as a reminder that I should prioritise the power of a book again. Three weeks until holidays, so maybe then!

Kara Krehlik




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