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When Sherri Green first set foot in her new boarding school, she "didn't want to be there".

She would call her parents every night - sometimes in tears - and missed having her own space, away from the constant presence of the other girls.

But after five years, Rockhampton Girls Grammar's new Head Girl now considers her friends "sisters" and credits the experience for teaching her to "take care" of herself and to "not depend on as many people".

"It's definitely been a big turn around," Sherri, 16, said.

"You get used to it pretty fast especially when you're pushed into the deep end.

"I got to adapt really quickly."

Sherri also learnt the value of time management and "a lot of life skills".

"It makes you mature faster because you don't have anyone there to push you on, you push yourself on," Sherri said.

After leaving her family's Nebo property, she quickly noticed the difference in a "one on one" teaching style Girls Grammar focused on.

Sherri will be completing her very last year of high school and is lending a hand to other new students who may be experiencing the same "first day jitters" as she once did.

"One thing I would say is if you don't like the school at first to give it a chance because it grows on you a lot," she said.

"Keep busy, get involved in sports and extra curricular activities, so you don't think about how homesick you are.

"With academics, if you fall behind - since there's small classes - the teachers are more one on one with you so they can help catch you up.

"When I first got here I went into one of the mainstream maths classes and by the second week here I was told I was behind by two years and I might have to go down to foundation.

"My teacher helped me through it and now I'm in extension and maths B. They really help where you want to be."

Sherri also made it to State Titles for shot put in the past two years with the help of her physical education teachers.

She hopes to pursue her love of science and complete either a degree in biomedical science or mechanical engineering in Brisbane.

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School's first term has begun today, with 45-50 new intakes beginning their schooling journey at the school.

Zara Priddle, Anais Timpson and Bonita Solomon, are just some of the new students who arrived early this week to begin their boarding school experience.

Bonita, 12, flew down from Mossman after being selected for a scholarship with the Cape York partnership program and attending a camp in Brisbane.

"It's my first year in high school," Bonita said.

"I love science, maths and English - I love writing stories - and I'm really good at a lot of sport like rugby league... I was in the Mossman Sharks."

Anais, 11, travelled from Farleigh and Zara, 13, made the change from Rolleston state school.

"We arrived today, it feels a bit odd," Anais said.

Zara chose to come to Rockhampton over Brisbane, to be closer to her family and local friends.

"I love sports," she said.

"Every sport really. I was in the CH trails for mainly sprinting, running and swimming. It's just fun to do."

PICTURED: (L-R) Bonita Solomon, Anais Timpson, Zara Priddle and Sherri Green.

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