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Primary Report

Primary students have begun swimming lessons this term for Prep to Year 6. Students in Prep to Year 4 are beginning training for their events for the upcoming swimming carnival. With excitement building, races will be full length and across the pool, based on levels of ability for the students with the key event being the ‘Pony Races’. More information will come out later in the term. Year 5 & 6 students are focusing on stroke correction and lifesaving skills including safe entry and dry rescues.

Another anticipated event this term is Girls Rock, with some classes already beginning rehearsals for their item. Information relating to these classes and any requirements will be communicated by the classroom teachers. Ticket information will also be announced later in the term.

As Year 6 are now in their last term of Primary school, they are focusing more on study skills, meeting deadlines and OneNote usage. Lessons have been designed to expose and utilise OneNote with curriculum content and activities easily accessible by everyone. Assignments and assessments have moved into more tasks being completed for homework so students can prioritise time requirements and meet deadlines for tasks.

Transition Day is happening again this year in November. This is where students have the opportunity to meet their teacher, be in the classroom and also meet new students in preparation for 2023. This day can be filled with mixed emotions for some students. Whilst some students enjoy the thrill of change and new surroundings, this can also be daunting for others. By holding our Transition Day, we are giving a small ‘taste’ of the following year to help students on their first day in 2023.

It was lovely to see the support from the Primary students in the Ponytail Chop last week. We are fortunate in a P-12 setting to be able to participate in some activities as a whole school. This assembly and the students witnessing such events together as a P-12 School, further reinforces the connections we strive to build here at Girls Grammar.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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