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Primary Report

Students within the Primary School have been working hard to complete assessments. Although these may sometimes look different in Primary, assessments are completed either as an individual task, in groups, one-on-one with the teacher, as exams or assignments, or a collection of work throughout the term.

Miss Spence and the Prep students have been working on their English tasks. This is completed as a collection of work throughout the term culminating in students writing their own sentences from a picture prompt. It is great to see how far these students have come with their literacy skills in their first year of school.

Year 3 students have completed reading and studying Fantastic Mr Fox. They have read, discussed, and explained themes within the vocabulary-rich Roald Dahl novel. They are using correct language device terminology and have been working on their group story maps. Students will create a spoken procedure between two characters.

Year 4 students have started Mathematics revision to complete a paper-based exam. This not only highlights to students any areas they may be finding challenging but it also gives Mrs Hemson an idea on what aspects as a class, still require work and support.

Along with practicing for Girls Rock and Graduation, Year 6 students have been working on assessments for the last two weeks. Health, HaSS and Science were the first tasks completed and students are preparing for Spanish and English. Mathematics has been completed this term with a series of investigations where students had opportunities to apply their knowledge to create boardgames, solve everyday problems and realise that practice really does improve your skills.

Students across the Primary School acknowledged ‘Day for Daniel’ along with the rest of the school. Classes completed activities to highlight the need for personal safety. In the lower years, the focus is on individuals and how they feel, recognising signs when in uncomfortable situations and who to speak to. In the upper years, with technology so readily available, cybersafety was discussed. This includes knowing what content is appropriate and who they feel safe to report any issues to.

Pink Day is always a fun day as students are able to wear free dress. Year 2 students completed a lovely display to recognise why we, as a School, support this event. Students coloured and decorated ribbons and shared their love of all things pink.

As we finish the last few weeks of this year, the Primary Council discussed ways they could improve facilities and experiences at the School. Students elected to use funds raised this year to purchase more sporting equipment to be used at lunch times and install whirlybirds into the equipment shed. It was great to work with this group of students throughout the year and hope they continue to take the opportunities for leadership offered at Girls Grammar.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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