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Primary School Adventures: Fire Safety, Chick Hatching, Sustainability, and Olympian Inspiration

Year 1: Fire Safety with Hands On Fun

On Tuesday morning last week, Year 1 had their annual visit from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for a Fire Education session. The girls learned about good and bad fires, fire safety, and important catchphrases like 'Get down low and go, go, go!', 'Get out and stay out!', and 'Stop, Drop, and Roll'. The highlight of the visit was getting to spray the fire hose! A big thank you to our local firefighter crew for their educational and fun visit.

Year 3: Bring Science to Life with Chick Hatching

This term, our Year 3 girls have been incubating and hatching chicks as part of their science studies. This hands-on project has brought the curriculum to life, teaching about the life cycle and the responsibilities of caring for living things. They monitored the eggs daily, eagerly awaiting hatching. They then cared for the chicks, learning about the life processes of living things.

Additionally, both Year 3 and Year 4 girls applied their design technology skills by creating chicken enclosure models, integrating their understanding of the chicks' needs into practical designs.  This experience has fostered responsibility, patience, and curiosity, leaving them with memories and a deeper understanding of biology.

Year 4: Leading the Charge for Sustainability

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and the Year Four class recently collaborated with the Rockhampton Regional Council for our Annual Rubbish Audit, a huge step forward in our journey towards sustainability. Students and staff diligently sorted through waste with positive attitudes and a belief that small changes can make a big difference. The girls identified the need for more education on waste disposal and the promotion of our current recycling and composting programs. Year 4 are determined to implement positive changes and reduce the amount of rubbish that is generated. We have been researching better ways to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle for a cleaner, greener future for Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

Year 6 Student, Paige Kelly Reflects on Recent Visit from Olympians Unleashed

Alex Ferlazzo, an Olympian who has been to the Olympics three times for the sport of Luge, visited our school on Wednesday 5 June. He talked to Years 4, 5 and 6 about his chosen sport. He commented that it is a dangerous sport, but told us that he would close his eyes before the event and imagine himself doing the Luge successfully. If he made a mistake imagining it, he knew something was wrong. Alex would do this for only 2 minutes and if other thoughts came into his head he would say 'no' and keep on imagining a winning run. 

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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