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Psychology at Girls Grammar

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychologists are actively involved in studying and understanding mental processes, brain functions, and behaviour. Psychology provides opportunities for students to engage with concepts that explain behaviours and underlying cognitions.

In Unit 1, students examine individual development in the form of the role of the brain, cognitive development, human consciousness and sleep. In Unit 2, students investigate the concept of intelligence, the process of diagnosis and how to classify psychological disorder and determine an effective treatment, and lastly, the contribution of emotion and motivation on the individual behaviour. In Unit 3, students examine individual thinking and how it is determined by the brain, including perception, memory, and learning. In Unit 4, students consider the influence of others by examining theories of social psychology, interpersonal processes, attitudes and cross-cultural psychology.

Psychology is a general subject suited to students who are interested in pathways beyond school that lead to tertiary studies, vocational education or work. A course of study in Psychology can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of psychology, sales, human resourcing, training, social work, health, law, business, marketing and education.

Now in its fourth year at Girls Grammar, Psychology is proving to be a practical, popular choice with the students due to its practical nature, real life opportunities and applications.

Learning Psychology provides the students with opportunities to gain new personal and interpersonal skills to know more about themselves, others and human behaviour.

Gabriel Nader

Psychology Teacher



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