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Strength and Conditioning - A Message from Deputy Principal

Our Top Rugby 7s, QISSN netball and All Schools touch players have been participating in dedicated strength and conditioning sessions as a part of their pre-season preparations ahead of the 2020 competitions. The sessions are focused specifically on strength and conditioning to prevent injury and develop sport specific fitness. Rachel Warcon, a sports and performance coach at Vector Health, is delivering these sessions and has devised the program based on her own experiences as an athlete and trainer.

The girls have been put through their paces, developing vital joint and muscle stability for growing athletes. Body and band resistance have also been key to development of all round body conditioning and core stability. Rachel’s sessions are not your typical gym workouts, but, targeted dynamic workouts that aid in full body co-ordination alongside the more obvious muscular development.

A big thank you must go out to Noel Livingston, Deputy Board chair and principal of Professionals Livingston & Molloy Real Estate who has most generously, through the Professionals Rockhampton, funded these sessions to support our up and coming athletes.

Keep an eye out under CAB on Tuesday afternoons to see these girls in action. We are looking forward to another successful year for Girls Grammar on the sporting field.

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal (Acting)


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