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Talent and Growth on Show for Rockhampton Girls Grammar Students

It has been inspiring to share in the amazing journey of talent and growth that we've seen recently here at Girls Grammar. Talent, as we all know, comes in countless forms, and it's been such a joy to nurture and celebrate the diverse talents of all our students. Our focus on creating a well-rounded learning environment has truly shone through in the outstanding performances across a wide range of cocurricular activities of recent weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the sheer brilliance of last weekend's production of 'Anastasia the Musical”. The months of hard work and dedication put in by our students, staff and volunteers were on full display, resulting in a show that left everyone in awe. This wasn't just a musical – it was a showcase of teamwork, commitment, and creativity. The performance didn't just resonate with the audience; it reverberated with the essence of what we stand for as a school community. This level wouldn’t have been achieved if it wasn’t for the passion and commitment of our dedicated arts department and additional staff who have volunteered countless hours of their time to develop and nurture our talented students.

And speaking of excellence, acknowledgement and congratulations must go to our girls in Years 6-12 who participated in last week’s Rockhampton District Schools athletics carnival. The remarkable achievements of 15 of our Girls Grammar girls have earned them a spot at the Capricornia Regional Trials in Mackay. I know these students will represent our school and district with pride. Good luck girls!

Now, to an annual tradition that never fails to bring our community together – the Inter-House Choir Competition. This year's theme was all about musical medleys, and wow, did our houses deliver! The energy and enthusiasm in McKeague Hall were through the roof. The image of traditional choir stereotypes with girls lined in rows and harmonising held by those new to our school quickly faded as they witnessed the spirit and enthusiasm as the girls belted out the tunes.

Recognition and congratulations must go to our House Prefects, seniors, and every student who poured their heart and soul into making this event a success. Your dedication behind the scenes was the driving force behind the performances on stage and I have to say, the sisterhood formed from Prep through to Year 12 during House meetings is my favourite aspect of this occasion.

Competition was fierce and with four judges representing each house and equally spread across primary and secondary, results were close. Congratulations to Williams House who emerged victorious in this year’s competition. I am already excited about what next year holds, and as always, Go Paterson!

Kara Krehlik




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