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The Scoop from Rockhampton Girls Grammar Indigenous Liaison Officer: Riverfest and QATSIF Graduation

Term 3 has been jampacked for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. In the final week of July, our Torres Strait Islander students performed at the Rockhampton RiverFest as invited by traditional owner group organisation, Darumbal Enterprises. These students were presented beautifully in their meri blouse. This was also our first chance to use our lovely school instruments – the thram and warup.

Our Year 12 Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF) scholarship students recently attended the QATSIF Graduation Ceremony where they were recognised for their achievements. Abigail, Camryn, Ella, Mackenzie and Shorna were awarded these scholarships to assist with a multitude of costs pertaining to educational expenses throughout their senior years of schooling. Furthermore, Abigail, Ella and Mackenzie were also recognised at the ceremony for their commitments and aspirations to assist their communities in providing safe and positive environments for Indigenous families. These three students are current recipients of the Barry Doyle School-Based Scholarship. Each round of this particular scholarship is awarded to only 10 recipients throughout Queensland.

All five of these scholarship recipients represented our school and their families wonderfully. As they near the end of their high school years, they are truly creating pathways to ensure their future success. Great work, girls!

Shania Conlon

Indigenous Liaison Officer



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