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Uniform Policy and the Cooler Weather - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

With the weather becoming typically cooler, I thought it was important to detail some of the key aspects of the School’s Uniform Policy.

Whenever students are wearing Girls Grammar uniform, it should be worn perfectly. This also means that students should change completely out of uniform in preference to mixing and matching items.

Prep - Year 6 wear the dress every day except on the days they have physical education classes. Students in Years 7 - 12 are also required to wear the day dress every day except when formal uniform is compulsory such as every Wednesday or at specific events where they are representing the School. Please note, if there is no Assembly scheduled on a Wednesday, students are still required to wear their formal uniform. The formal uniform consists of the white shirt and navy skirt and blazer.

The day dress should come to the top of the knee while the length of the formal skirt should come to the bottom of the knee.

The only shoe permitted with both the day dress and formal outfit is the Clarks Ingrid T-bar shoe which should be worn with white fold down socks (sports socks and crew-style socks are not allowed and are in breach of our Uniform Policy). For HPE and cocurricular activities, the Girls Grammar sports socks are compulsory.

In winter, girls can also choose to wear navy tights. These should be the Razzamatazz 40 Denier Soft Opaque or Girl’s Opaque in ‘Ink Navy’. If you are unsure then please check the Uniform Policy which lists the appropriate style and brand.

The School’s cardigan may be worn by students in Years 10, 11 and 12 but it does not replace the blazer on formal occasions, including assemblies. The school jumper can be worn with the day dress, the senior cardigan or blazer for additional warmth during the cooler months.

Students in Years 6 - 12 wear the Panama hat to and from school, and at any time during the day when a student is outside (except when it is raining). Please note, students are not required to wear their hat when travelling in a vehicle to and from school.

When students are on school grounds after school, the expectations of uniform and personal presentation remain as outlined for before and during school hours. Also, when students are in the Girls Grammar uniform, but off campus (except in their own home), expectations of uniform and personal presentation are the same as they would be when they are at school. Whenever students wear the Girls Grammar uniform, the expectation is that it is worn correctly.

The school uniform is part of the proud tradition of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and as such forms an important part of our identity in belonging to the Girls Grammar community.

Nadine Kelly

Deputy Principal - Students