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Embracing the Boarder Long Weekend: A Blend of Fun, Bonding, and Exciting Plans Unveiled!

As the Boarder Long Weekend unfolds, some of our boarders have embarked on journeys home or ventured to friends' homes, while the remaining cohort eagerly anticipates a weekend filled with a delightful mix of activities and well-deserved downtime. The early leave provision has been instrumental in facilitating thoughtful planning for those staying back.

This weekend promises to be nothing short of spectacular, with an array of engaging events on the agenda. From pool parties and dance extravaganzas to shopping sprees, Timezone adventures, BBQ gatherings, and ample quality time spent together, our schedule is brimming with excitement. The first half of the semester has seen a whirlwind of activities, including traineeships, representative sports trials, cocurricular pursuits, club engagements, and the mastering of year-level routines.

The enthusiasm for 2024 is palpable, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing down. The Great Keppel Island expedition next month is eagerly anticipated, promising a day of fun and camaraderie for all the girls. Already, lasting friendships have been forged, and precious memories have taken root.

Boarding life proves to be not just an experience but a rich and rewarding journey, particularly for those girls who wholeheartedly immerse themselves in every opportunity. As we revel in the spirit of the Boarder Long Weekend, we encourage everyone to savour the moments, cherish the connections, and embrace the myriad possibilities that lie ahead. Enjoy your well-deserved break, and here's to the continued adventures of 2024 in boarding life!

Above and below are pictures from our recent Valentine's Day celebrations.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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