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Exploring Digital Footprints and Data Security

In Digital technologies this term students in Years 8, 9 and 10 have been looking at online data security and their own digital footprint. Students completed a research investigation into the effects of data misuse from different large companies (e.g Google, Yahoo, Facebook) and smaller individual attacks through methods such as phishing via email, online links and emails. With an increased reliance in a digital world, data security has become paramount, this unit of work has given students an understanding of their digital footprint and how different applications they use daily can interact with one another.

Furthermore, students in Year 7 have had an introduction to the Minecraft Education suite. Minecraft offers a dynamic and immersive platform for teaching a wide range of subjects including history, geography, mathematics and will be used primarily to introduce students to block coding. Learning through Minecraft education is interactive and allows the use of in-game resources to solve real-world problems. Minecraft encourages collaboration amongst students, critical thinking and problem solving which extends beyond the classroom. This resource is a dynamic tool that adapts to different learning styles, keeps students motivated and fosters creativity.

Jayden Borg

Technologies, Languages and Physical Education Subject Area Coordinator


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