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Girls Grammar Boarding Community Continues to Flourish

As Term 3 nears its end, the pace in our boarding community remains as vibrant as ever.

Our Year 12 boarders have embarked on their Mock Exams as they prepare diligently for their External Exams scheduled for October. Returning from their camp, our Year 6 and 8 girls, though fatigued, cherish the enriching experiences they had.

Amidst the spirited atmosphere, grand finals and season-end celebrations are in full swing, with a notable presence of boarders, many of whom are actively engaged in coaching roles. Witnessing our older girls dedicate themselves to coaching, organising break-up parties, presenting awards, and nurturing their players all year long is truly gratifying. These experiences instill in them valuable lessons of commitment and responsibility.

The Girls Grammar Boarders continue to relish the diverse array of activities available to them. From beach outings and cheering on their friends to engaging in creative art and craft sessions, and savouring BBQ gatherings on the Kollar Deck, there is no shortage of opportunities for enjoyment.

This week, our boarders and their families have received a survey from the Australian Boarding School Survey. We strongly encourage our girls and their families to complete it, as your feedback is invaluable in helping us gain a comprehensive understanding of your perspectives and experiences within our Boarding Program.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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