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Girls Grammar Primary STEM Adventures in Term 3: From Butterflies to Frozen Zooper Doopers!


The Prep girls love all things science! So far this year, we have looked at a variety of topics including materials and their properties, living and non-living things and weather. The girls have loved exploring these topics through hands on learning experiences. A highlight of the year so far has been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and watching two butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.

Natalie Spence

Prep Teacher

Year 1

In Science, students have been looking at the observable features of landscapes and skies. They have considered changes in the sky and landscape and the impact of these changes on themselves and other living things. In Maths, they have looked at 3D shapes, constructed 3D monsters from nets, and added features.

Corinne Shaw Year 1 Teacher

Year 3


This term in Year 3 science, the girls have been enthusiastically exploring the captivating realm of states of matter through hands-on experiments. They've embarked on a journey of discovery by transforming solids into liquids using their own body heat, allowing them to witness the fascinating process of change firsthand. Additionally, they've delved into the effects of heat on solids, observing the transformations that occur as they apply heat to various solids.

The young scientists have also engaged in an experiment involving a balloon filled with a solid, a liquid, and a gas. By dropping the balloon, they've observed the distinct behaviours of each substance upon impact, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse properties and behaviours of different states of matter. Through these experiments, Year 3 girls are not only learning about the fundamental concepts of matter but also fostering a lifelong love for scientific exploration.

Design Tech

In design technology, the girls are investigating shapes and structures for supporting various constructions. They've applied this knowledge to craft buildings and bridges, using shapes effectively to distribute weight and ensure stability in their designs.

Renee Ruhle

Year 3 Teacher

Year 4

In Year 4, we've been diving into an awesome world of STEAM adventures! Our journey has been filled with exciting, hands-on experiences that are as cool as a frozen Zooper Doopers on a scorching summer day.

Picture this: we've transformed into little entrepreneurs, running our very own shops! Think of it like a super-fun math challenge where we get to flex our brain muscles and calculate change down to the nearest 5-cents. It's all about making numbers dance and coins jingle, while having a blast.

But that's not all – in the realm of science, we've become mad scientists testing out the superpowers of materials. Why, you ask? Well, it's all leading up to a thrilling mission: crafting a magical bag that can keep a Zooper Dooper icy-chilly for a whole hour! Yep, you heard it right. We're turning into freeze-fighting inventors, concocting the ultimate solution to beat the heat and keep that sweet treat frozen solid.

So, whether we're math whizzes at our snazzy shops or science wizards experimenting with materials, Year 4 is the place to be for a wild ride of learning that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys – and just as cool as a frosty Zooper Dooper adventure!

Vanessa Hemson

Year 4 Teacher

Year 5

Year 5 students have used their knowledge of light in Science and Design Technologies to create a dazzling light maze using a shoe box. They've learned the properties of light, how it travels and the law of reflection. Their objectives were to steer light through a mirrored maze, crafting visual representations of light's path, as well as comprehending the step-by-step process required for design tasks and being adaptable when needed. Furthermore, they explained the critical significance of adhering to safety standards and practices when developing their creative solutions.

Brittainy Brown

Year 5 Teacher



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