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Navigating Assessment Challenges: Empowering Student Success

As assessments approach, students face curriculum challenges requiring collaboration between teachers and learners. To enhance assessment preparation and move toward success students benefit from acknowledging the 'learning dip', where they may struggle before mastering new material. Normalising the Learning Dip is a central theme within a Brainwise School.  At Girls Grammar it forms one of our main focus points as we move to become accredited. In essence, it is an understanding that learning occurs when you are out of your comfort zone.  It also helps to build motivation and confidence levels.

When we encounter a new concept or idea in class, we embark on a journey filled with various emotions and thoughts. Initially, we might feel confident, believing we know the answer, standing on the edge of understanding and trying new skills. However, as we delve deeper, we may realise it's not as simple as we thought. Acquiring knowledge, mastering skills, or understanding processes can be difficult and confusing, leading to moments of uncertainty and contradiction. We may even reach a point where we doubt our abilities, feeling stuck at the bottom of the pit. Yet, the smart choice is to climb out, identifying our options and making an active decision to work harder on challenging concepts.

With perseverance, we start to see progress, finding the workload becoming more manageable and beginning to grasp the material. As we continue to push forward, we eventually overcome the challenges, climbing up and over the edge on the other side of the pit. Though some aspects may still pose difficulties, our hard work pays off as we connect and explain different parts of the newfound knowledge. Finally, we celebrate our triumph as we emerge from the pit, having diligently navigated the learning journey and gained a deep understanding of once challenging concepts and processes. The decision to persevere through challenges is essential for every learner on their path to growth and comprehension.

Our teachers offer support, emphasising resilience and perseverance during challenging times. At Girls Grammar, we foster a supportive learning community that encourages peer collaboration and open communication. Study sessions and constructive feedback help students identify strengths and areas for improvement. The first assessment item for the academic year is an opportunity for collaboration, growth, and empowerment. Together, we can navigate the challenges and unlock the full potential of student learning experiences in preparation for assessments and beyond. 

Christie Dey

Director of Secondary



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