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Rockhampton Girls Grammar School: The Arts End of Term Wrap-Up

A Successful Term of Creativity and Achievement

The Arts have thrived this term, with a diverse range of activities showcasing the talent and dedication of our students. From captivating performances to exciting competitions, the Arts Department has been bustling with creativity and success.

To listen to Year 11 student, Hayleigh's 'Make Believe Waltz' masterpiece, click here.

Eisteddfod Highlights: We are thrilled to congratulate the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School's Concert Band for their outstanding achievement, securing third place in the highly competitive Rockhampton Eisteddfod. The students delivered an exceptional performance filled with pride and skill. The competition was fierce, with just a 0.5-point difference between each placement. In recognition of their hard work, the Concert Band also received the prestigious 'Team of the Week' award at Week 10 assembly.

Recap of the Rockhampton Eisteddfod results:

  • Primary Choir 4 to 6: A remarkable second place with their rendition of 'Haida'

  • Primary Choir 4 to 6 novelty: An impressive third place with their delightful performance of 'Detectives in Disguise'

  • Primary Choir Prep to 3 novelty: Another well-deserved third place with their entertaining act, 'Shoo Fly!'

  • Primary Choir Prep to 3: A commendable second place with their delightful performance of 'I can't spell Hippopotamus'

  • Molti Voce: Rockhampton Girls Grammar School claimed the first place position, showcasing their musical prowess and talent with captivating renditions of 'Aya Ngena' and 'Butterflying'

  • Bella Voce: The Small Vocal Group secured first place with their enchanting performance of 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree,' while the Folk Group delighted the audience with 'Go 'way from my Window' and earned another first place. Their remarkable Glee performance of 'Rumour Has It/Someone Like You' also earned them a well-deserved victory.

  • Concert Band: A commendable third place with their spirited performance of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Congratulations are also extended to all students who showcased their skills through solos, duos, or trios in the Vocal, Instrumental, Piano, Dance, and Speech and Drama sections of the Eisteddfod. Merely taking the stage and performing is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Shake and Stir: This term, Shake and Stir delivered their powerful and thought-provoking play, 'Vacant,' to all students from Years 10 to 12. The play explored the challenges faced by school students and left a lasting impact on everyone who experienced it. 'Vacant' was highly entertaining and resonated deeply with the audience.

Dance Company: Our dedicated Dance Company has been diligently preparing for the upcoming DanceX competition in Bundaberg. They are eagerly looking forward to showcasing their talents with mesmerising routines titled 'Seize the Day' (Musical Theatre), 'In Case You Don't Live Forever' (Lyrical), 'A Little Party' (Jazz), and 'Someone New' (Lyrical). Additionally, several students will be performing captivating solo dances. We extend our best wishes to all the participants, and may they shine brightly on the stage.

Musical: Prepare to be enchanted by 'Anastasia the Musical.' Set in 1920s St. Petersburg, the musical follows the journey of Anya, a young orphan longing to uncover her lost family. Along the way, she encounters Vlad, an ex-aristocrat, and Dmitri, a charming conman, who convince her that she may be Anastasia, the Romanov duchess rumoured to have survived the Russian Revolution.

This term, our students have poured their hearts into perfecting their singing, acting, and performing skills. The costumes have been meticulously crafted, and the sets designed to transport the audience to a bygone era. Mark your calendars for this unmissable event! Please refer to the attached flyer for essential information and join us in supporting our hard-working students for this captivating show.

Visual Art: On behalf of the entire Arts Department, we would like to express our gratitude and bid farewell to Nicole Graham. Nicole has been an invaluable member of Rockhampton Girls Grammar for many years and has recently added Visual Arts to her already impressive teaching repertoire. She will be greatly missed by both staff and students, and we extend our best wishes for her future endeavours.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we warmly welcome our new Visual Arts teacher, Ms. Nicole Francis-Leah, to the Girls Grammar community. Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our arts program, and we are excited to have her as a part of the Arts Department.

This term has been a resounding success for the arts, and we are immensely proud of our talented students. Their dedication, creativity, and passion continue to inspire us all.

We eagerly look forward to the next chapter of artistic exploration and achievement at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

Jessica Dawes

The Arts Subject Area Coordinator



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