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Spotlight on Excellence: Highlights from Rockhampton Girls Grammar School's Speech Night 2023

In this week's edition, we are thrilled to share highlights from our Primary and Secondary School Speech Night, a spectacular event hosted at the Pilbeam Theatre. The evening was a celebration of our students' accomplishments across various domains, including sport, citizenship, culture, and, of course, academics.

A heartfelt congratulations is extended to Bridgette Williams, who was bestowed the honour of being named Dux of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. Our distinguished guest speaker, Anna Jackson, a graduand from the class of 2005, imparted insightful words about her life journey. Her reflections on self-worth and maintaining perspective deeply resonated with the audience.

The night was enriched with captivating performances by Bella Voce, Molti Voce, Year 12 Dance student Claudia Heffer, our Strings Ensemble, and our Senior Music Class. However, one of the evening's most memorable moments was the symbolic transition of leadership roles from outgoing to incoming prefects. We express our gratitude to all prefects, with special acknowledgment given to departing Head Girls, Hadasshah Akop and Megan Clark.

The introduction of incoming Head Girls, Georgia Priddle and Kara-Lee Buckton, was met with well-deserved applause, marking a promising new chapter for our school leadership. As we bid farewell to the Seniors of 2023 in their final presentation, emotions ran high during Hadasshah Akop's moving Valedictorian Speech.

For a comprehensive list of all prize winners, please refer to the Speech Night Program. However, we would like to spotlight the First and Second in Year awards below. Congratulations to all the talented individuals who were recognised for their outstanding achievements.

Year 4

Second in Year 4

Harper Spencer

Elsie Marsh Cup for First in Year 4

Amity Johnson

Year 5

Second in Year 5

Heidi Stover

Alison Bendall Cup for First in Year 5

Belle Brandon

Year 6

Second in Year 6

Ella Lewis

Delyse Ramm Cup for First in Year 6

Katherine Hawkswood

Year 7

Second in Year 7

Sierra Wyga

Ruby Florence Cup and Mackay OGA Bursary for First in Year 7

Ella Williams

Year 8

Second in Year 8

Porsha Lowien and Mackenzie Lawn

Bev Mouritz Cup and CAR Luck Bursary for First in Year 8

Umna Umer

Year 9

Second in Year 9

Lydia Johnstone

Margaret Black Cup and Yvonne Turner Bursary for First in Year 9

Catherine Wiltshire

Year 10

Second in Year 10

Paige Donaldson

Till Cup and Junee Bursary for First in Year 10

Alessandra Williams

Year 11

The Morning Bulletin Prize for Second in Year 11

Dale Lewis

Dorothy Mulder Cup and CQUniversity Bursary for First in Year 11

Olivia Waardyk

Year 12

Gloria Hansen Memorial Bursary, RGGS Old Girls Association Prize and Programmed Property Service Prize for Second in Year 12

Hannah Cowan

Maud Bendall Cup and RGGS Old Girls Association Prize for DUX of the School

Bridgette Williams

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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