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Term 3 Art Adventures for Girls Grammar: From Abstract Expressionism to Indigenous Inspiration

It has been a busy Term 3 in the Art room with students working on a range of artworks, and many new experiences for me since I started as the Art teacher in the first week of the term.

I have enjoyed teaching Art to junior students and the challenge they provide with their quick learning and enthusiasm. The Preps have been creating colourful paintings expressing emotion, as well as learning about shapes and 3-dimensional forms inspired by Abstract Expressionism.

Year 1 students have learned about pattern and repetition, creating Indigenous inspired art using ochre and other natural media. The highlight for me was seeing all their white knees and elbows from shaping clay according to the modelling process used by Torres Strait Islander artist, Thancoupie.

Year 1 - pattern and repetition

The enthusiasm the Year 3 students have exhibited as we explore Asian art, has also been a highlight for me this term. Some of the artmaking techniques we have learned are Sumi-e, Koinoboros, origami and Jianzi. Students have also enjoyed learning about the historical and cultural contexts of these techniques.

Year 3 - Asian Art

Year 7 Art have created graphite self-portraits using a grid method. This method helps them to learn eye-hand coordination and to learn to draw what they see, rather than what they know. It has been a challenging exercise for students; however, their drawings are very good and I am sure they will be prized by parents and carers for a long time.

Years 8, 9 and 10 have explored Surrealism, making 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artworks that demonstrate their understanding of the ideas and conventions of the historical style. They have recently completed a written examination and next term they will select one of the media areas explored this term, to create a resolved artwork.

Year 11 has entered the final stage of Unit 2, culminating in an examination in Week 9. The girls will begin the first Year 12 Summative unit in Term 4. This will include an excursion to Rockhampton riverfront and the Gallery. I will send further information shortly.

Year 12 Visual Art students have completed all internal assessment for the subject and completed their Mock examination on Monday. Based on these results, students will receive support to improve their outcomes for the External Examination in Term 4.

Nicole Francis-Leah

Visual Art Teacher



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