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The Curtain Closes on Rockhampton Girls Grammar School's Musical Production 'Anastasia'

I am so excited to share the resounding success of our musical production of 'Anastasia'. Our cast poured their hearts and souls into their characters, and their dedication was evident in every note they sang and every line they delivered. We have already received so much positive feedback from the community who came out to support us.

One of the most exciting aspects of this production was the inclusion of a live orchestra for the first time in our history of musical productions at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. A big thank you to Miss Dawes and her orchestra, filled with both students and adult volunteers, who elevated the show to new heights, enhancing every emotion, scene, and dramatic moment.

The success of 'Anastasia' would not have been possible without the collaborative effort of countless individuals. A huge shoutout to Mrs Housman for the beautiful ballroom and specialised choreography. To Miss Harwood, who tirelessly led our production as the stage manager and producer. As well as conducting our orchestra, Miss Dawes also worked hard as vocal coach to ensure our girls sounded spectacular. This production would not be impossible without Mr Cook, as our tech extraordinaire! Special thanks also to Miss Meredith as our costume coordinator and backstage helper. Finally, I was so impressed by our talented students in the backstage crew who ensured seamless scene transitions throughout the show.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the entire Girls Grammar community, including teachers, parents, family members, and friends who came out in full force to support our production. We were so grateful for your help in collecting tickets and working the merchandise and canteen stands, as well as a sincere thanks to the volunteers who gave up their time to help with set building, costumes and hair fixups throughout the show.

As the curtains closed on the final performance of 'Anastasia', I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken over the past few months. Our girls created special memories, forged amazing friendships, faced their fears and tackled an incredibly difficult musical with such grace and perseverance that I shed a tear or two of pride as they took their final bows. This experience was not just about putting on a musical for many of our students, and I’m so excited to see where we go from here!

Once again, thank you to our school community for being a part of our journey and for celebrating the triumphant success of 'Anastasia'. Together, we have created something truly magical!

See you next year for another great show!

Emma Girle – Director



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