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Unveiling the Thrills: A Recap of Our Year 7 Camp at Capricorn Caves - Crate Climbing, Caving, and Camaraderie!

Updated: Mar 11

Our Year 7 camp at Capricorn Caves was filled with exciting adventures such as crate climbing, caving, art-making, and a cathedral tour. On the first day, we tackled three team-building challenges. 'Capture the Flag' had us racing to grab flags and free our teammates from 'jail.' In the see-saw challenge, we worked together to balance and in the plank challenge, we learned to support each other while passing along a narrow beam.


We also faced vertical challenges like rock wall climbing and crate climbing, overcoming fears with encouragement from classmates. Day one ended with a mesmerising tour of Cathedral Cave, illuminated by torchlight and accompanied by the haunting echoes of 'Hallelujah.'


Day two brought adventure caving, navigating tight tunnels and conquering obstacles like 'The Whale's Belly.' Orienteering introduced us to map reading, while we also learned rope-making and fire-starting techniques. The evening sky provided a stunning backdrop for our astronomy tour, where we marveled at Jupiter and learned about celestial phenomena like Beetlejuice and the zodiac signs.


Our final day involved fossil hunting, discovering ancient treasures and even contributing to scientific research. As a meaningful end to our camp experience, we created artwork from natural materials, reflecting on our newfound courage, resilience, and teamwork.

Thank you to Dr Kelly, Ms Lacoste Sanchez and Ms Miller-Waugh for supervising such an adventurous camp experience.


Leaving Capricorn Caves, we carry not just memories, but a profound sense of accomplishment and camaraderie from our Year 7 cohort.

Dr Nikki Kelly




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