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Williams Triumph at the 2023 Girls Grammar Interhouse Choir Competition

The stage was set, voices tuned, and excitement brimming as the Girls Grammar Interhouse Choir Competition for 2023 unfolded. This year's theme, 'Musicals', brought an enchanting blend of melodies and narratives to life, showcasing the incredible talent and teamwork of our students.

The event saw an extraordinary showcase of musical prowess from all Prep to Year 12. Each house embraced their allocated musical with creativity: Patterson House brought the magic of 'Matilda', Downs House grooved to the rhythm of 'Hairspray', Smith House captured the essence of 'High School Musical', and Williams House transported us to a Greek Island with their rendition of 'Mamma Mia'. After a harmonious battle, the crown of victory was claimed by Williams House.

We extend our gratitude to our judges Emma Girle, Vanessa Hemson, Renee Ruhle, and John Fry.

The Interhouse Choir Competition was more than a showcase of talent; it is a fantastic opportunity for our school to showcase our unique and special community and spirit.

Watch the 2023 Interhouse Choir Performances here.

Sammy Cobon

Deputy Principal - Students



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