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Year 3 Girls Grammar Students Hatch the Magic of Life: An Egg-citing Journey

The Year 3 students are excited to share some wonderful news!

The girls have been diligently incubating eggs and exploring the fascinating world of chicken lifecycles as part of their hands-on learning in Science. The time has come for these young learners to witness the incredible process of life unfolding before their eyes. The eggs have started to hatch, and it's a truly remarkable experience for all involved. Word is spreading like wildfire, with girls from all around the school flocking to the Year 3 room to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals, adding an extra layer of excitement to this experience.

Sunny, our school dog, seems to want in on the action too, curiously wagging her tail and keeping a watchful eye on the new arrivals. We're looking forward to the students' continued growth and discovery throughout this project. Stay tuned for more updates on the chicks remarkable journey.

Thank you to Neil and Lyndel Armstrong for lending the incubator and eggs, making this experience possible.

Renee Ruhle

Year 3 Teacher



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