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Year 9 Girls Grammar Cohort Conquers Fairbairn Dam Camp with Teamwork and Grit

Week 7 saw Year 9 set off for their camp to Fairbairn Dam. Throughout the four days the cohort had many challenges to face while building their teamwork and leadership capabilities. They participated in daily activities such as high ropes, rogaining, canoeing, mohawk walk and group challenges. It was pleasing to see the students stepping up and working together to support one another through these activities. They were able to explore their comfort zones and extend themselves in stepping beyond these boundaries to jump from 5m platforms and navigate through bushland.

Evening activities certainly kept everyone in high spirits with much laughter. After dinner each night, events saw the girls going head-to-head with the teachers in six rounds of trivia, and brushing up on their Australian bush dancing skills learning the Heel and Toe and Strip the Willow dances. The grand finale on Wednesday evening kept everyone entertained with the annual Talent Quest show. The girls certainly knew how to entertain their audience and the highlight, and eventual winners of the show were Alexandra and Olive. They performed a beautiful and goose bump-inducing rendition of ‘In the Shallow’s’.

The final activity of the week had each group pitted against each other to build catapults and ambush each other.

After a week of pushing themselves and learning to work together in new situations to solve problems, the Year 9 cohort eagerly climbed the steps of the bus back to School ready to shower and climb into their own beds for a well-deserved rest after such a physically demanding week.

We would like to congratulate each Year 9 student on their input, participation and determination to do their best throughout the week. It was a pleasure to share the experience with you all.

Emma Whitehand, Christie Dey and Katelyn Schulz



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